Sunday, November 19, 2006

Well am going ok - this wk I am cutting back on my bread intake, will be having my carbs in th emorning though - ie: muesli or cereal to keep me going through the day, but I havent lost much weight and its driving me batty. I have just got back from Canberra we brought a car MR2 for my son, its soooo nice. He brought it I just drove him down and we stayed the night at the Fomulie 1 motel on the outskirts. We had fun and even got woken up at 4am with the fire alarm going off. Seems some drunkin idiots pulled the alarm for a joke. Urrggggh. I was not impressed but saw the funny side of it. Well went to the gym this wk and am feeling fine. Hope everyone realises its only 5 wks till the olefatman in the suit comes down the chimney - Ill be fine am off to hong Kong and singapore. heeeeeeeeee.

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Debstar said...

cutting out bread is sooooo hard. I love warm white bread with butter melting on top. Its the reason I got fat in the first place.....well that and beer.
It looks like you've gone blonde Suzi and I swear you look younger. Must be the diet. lol