Saturday, November 25, 2006

Feeling good - am I going to be fit before old saint Nic gets here?

Well - its creeping up to us - the old Saint Nic time, where loads of people booze up and make complete idiots of themselves. Me NO WAY - Im a good Christian lady and its against my religion to drink, I just watch other people make idiots of themselves and have a quite laugh to myself. Yes now your all thinking isnt that not a nice thing to do - well yes, but its fun just the same. he.....he.....
I have one thing that people like - a drivers license and no hangups about driving the drunks home - so everyone gets a good fair run out of my religious Beliefs. he......... he.........

Have been going well in the gym and feeling its affect too.

* here is a pic of me in front of the "Eiffel Tower", 2 yrs ago - New Years Eve. This yr it will be Hong Kong Harbour.

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