Thursday, November 23, 2006

4 wks til Singapore and Hong Kong

Well I have been haning out at the gym - u certainly do meet nice people there, I have toned up really well considering I have been there only 2 wks. I brought a real nice brown dress for xmas parties and it looks great on me apart from the BULGING TUMMY AND GRANMA ARMS. well Im working on that one. I love the weights at the gym so Im doinbg a pack load of them and doing the bike and the x trainer. might evend o some Pilates next wk if I get up the nerve.

This is my teen daughter jess and her cat Taji

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Debstar said...

Your daughter is stunning. Does she do any modelling.
Good to hear you're enjoying the gym. Don't put off doing the pilates. You don't need nerve, just a good pair of knee length gym pants and a sense of humour.