Saturday, November 25, 2006

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Amino Z - Transform your body

Feeling good - am I going to be fit before old saint Nic gets here?

Well - its creeping up to us - the old Saint Nic time, where loads of people booze up and make complete idiots of themselves. Me NO WAY - Im a good Christian lady and its against my religion to drink, I just watch other people make idiots of themselves and have a quite laugh to myself. Yes now your all thinking isnt that not a nice thing to do - well yes, but its fun just the same. he.....he.....
I have one thing that people like - a drivers license and no hangups about driving the drunks home - so everyone gets a good fair run out of my religious Beliefs. he......... he.........

Have been going well in the gym and feeling its affect too.

* here is a pic of me in front of the "Eiffel Tower", 2 yrs ago - New Years Eve. This yr it will be Hong Kong Harbour.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

4 wks til Singapore and Hong Kong

Well I have been haning out at the gym - u certainly do meet nice people there, I have toned up really well considering I have been there only 2 wks. I brought a real nice brown dress for xmas parties and it looks great on me apart from the BULGING TUMMY AND GRANMA ARMS. well Im working on that one. I love the weights at the gym so Im doinbg a pack load of them and doing the bike and the x trainer. might evend o some Pilates next wk if I get up the nerve.

This is my teen daughter jess and her cat Taji

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Well am going ok - this wk I am cutting back on my bread intake, will be having my carbs in th emorning though - ie: muesli or cereal to keep me going through the day, but I havent lost much weight and its driving me batty. I have just got back from Canberra we brought a car MR2 for my son, its soooo nice. He brought it I just drove him down and we stayed the night at the Fomulie 1 motel on the outskirts. We had fun and even got woken up at 4am with the fire alarm going off. Seems some drunkin idiots pulled the alarm for a joke. Urrggggh. I was not impressed but saw the funny side of it. Well went to the gym this wk and am feeling fine. Hope everyone realises its only 5 wks till the olefatman in the suit comes down the chimney - Ill be fine am off to hong Kong and singapore. heeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Had an Average time in mudgee - a long drive there, saw a fatality - poor man at cullen bullen. H got hit by a truck-ute. Makes you wonder if the guy was just going down the street for milk on his motorbike and then the next thing he is lining up to see his maker and all his family will be grieving for sometime now. RIP 2him. The Memorial went great - I didnt do much at all, the guys blasted the crap out of my dad with a few shotguns and they had his ashes all over them - they got drunk etc, do I need to say more - I still cant figure out wehat the blazing bleek I went there for - To spend time in a motel room with family???????? One day I will figure it out.???????
Have been going to the gym this wk - its going great, but the old rictar scale aint budging - better luck next wk then.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Off to Mudgee for Dads Memorial

well Im off to Mudgee fr dads Memorial - it shoul dbe good, he passed away 2 & abit yrs ago now from Motor Neurone Disease and we have only just started getting things back to normal, so we are offto put his ashes at his fav campsite. The women artn goint ot he campsire - just the men " Secret Mens Business" etc. but itshould be good - lets see how I handle the food thing - they are all crazy about food - especially my mum.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Going ok after the detox and feeling heaps better- have lost a few kilos but not a large amount - check out this picture to see me at the moment. Early November 06.