Monday, May 01, 2006

Ok, this Morning I was lying in bed a cat was next to me. I drifted back to sleep and then my son let the doggies in , so they came up and slept with me and I woke around 8am. Got up decided I didnt want to do any exercise at that moment, grabbed a cuppa tea n got on the Stupid Machine.

Puta, u know the one that totally consumes people sometimes. Got ready for Tafe, headed off, was late by half an hr. Afterwards did the groceries, got home at 3pm, quickly unpacked groceries, the house is a real mess at the moment, will clean it tmrw.

Took daughter to Hockey practice at Wyong and took my runners with me - just in case. so While she did hockey training. I put runners on and did 4 laps of the oval. Total of over 2000 steps, which was great, A good power walk, so I was a Happy Jan.

Came home, had quick shower, told all the inhabitants of the household, that there was chicken in fridge - so help yourself, Grabbed hubbys nice sports car and made a dash for it. Went to a friends baby shower and it was great. Tonight will sleep like a baby - hope the old bugger dosent snore tnite. or its kicking time for me.

* Pic attached is me 2 wks after I started the challenge, I had lost about 2 kilos by then.

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