Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dusty was fantastic

Well we saw the Stage Show "Dusty", it was really good, I was impressed.
Afterwards we went to the casino ( I got lost from the group - was not impressed by this at all.)I found them in the Lagoon bar - they were all really drunk anyway, but thought - oh well lets get back to it. Drank water (Idont drinkalcohol-religiouspreference) so I drank water or ginger ale.
Very cheap night when you dont drink. Afterwards we went to Chinetown for dinner and then to a small bar for Kareoke. We sang with Amee, so we awere Amee and the ameettes. It was a great night, got to meet loads of kiwi dudes - my man was in NZ this wk too, visiting rellies, so that was real funny. These kiwi dudes came from the same town and my man. *LOL*
We had fun and I had a great mothers day - with 3 textr messages from my man and my kids and chocs to.

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