Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Going well on the TFPlan

Hey groovers,
Im going well on the TRPlan, I am now down to 67.6 and can even get into size 12 jeans, which I am still in shock by. I am off to Brissy this wknd, so hopefully things will be ok food wise. Lets see if I can stay on the wagon etc. Go the Broncos...................


Debstar said...

What's the TF Plan????? I lost heaps of weight last year but have put on 3kgs since Christmas and do you think I can lose one ounce of it. I think I need a change of plans, I'm just not inspired anymore.

I take it you are living on the Gold Coast now? What end?

I've been going to Runaway Bay Sports Center which is where the Titans train. They have their own gym away from prying eyes but we do get to see them coming & going. I might be more impressed if I followed football.

Suzi said...

hey debstar, the TF Plan is Tony Ferguson, you can get them at Terry White Chemists, they are shakes and I have lost a load of weight due to them, some people bag them out, but I just love the program etc. You do eat normal foods as well. I havent moved up to GC as yet, we will still be moving at the end of the yr Dec/jan08. we cant wait. I dont follow footy much, but we will be going for the Titans when we move up to surfers.