Sunday, October 22, 2006

Theres no 3rd challenge - I didnt do it

If ever anyone ever reads these blogs, I never did start the 3rd challenge, it just never got off the ground, but this detoxing feels like some sort of challenge, so Im staying with that, its great anyway, at first it was trying to kill me but now its not too bad, have lost nearly 2 kilos in 1 wk already so Im happy and the ole fat body is slowly loosing the weight, HK and singo watch out.


Debstar said...

Hi Suzi,
I can't believe you read my Boring Food & Exercise Blog. You're the 3rd person to leave a message and its only week 1. I thought I would do that blog rather than posting into Jay's all the time 'cause I felt abit guilty using his web site & not paying him for training or anything. But I'm bored with it already. Keeping a journal on my diet is sooooo boring for me and depressing 'cause I can't go even a day without eating something naughty. You are so strong to be able to stick with a detox. I don't know if I could go that long without chocolate or coffee.

Oh and I live on the Gold Coast.
And I'm tall and beautiful with golden skin and long blonde hair......hahahah...NOT!

Well I am tall.

A Girl Running said...

Suzi, your message has just hit home - I know I am eating too much of the sweet stuff in the evening and tomorrow (hmm already stuffed up today) I am going to change the bad habits.