Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back From Singapore and Hong Kong

hey Groovers,
Well Im back from Singapore and Hong Kong and we had a great time OS.

We went to 5 countries in 10 days - it was great, 1st off was Singapore, then Malaysia, then Hong Kong, then Mainland china-ShenZen and then Macau. It was fantastic, we had fun - spent money, ate alot and generlley toured alot and walked alot.
* We had to buy another bag to take the stuff back to Sydney.

We just had the best time ever.
This is the last holiday with the kidlets - as they are getting older and also we are moving to QLD in Dec07/Jan08 - so the girlbratlet will be moving with us and the boybratlet will be staying in Sydney, as he has a job in Sydney and dosent really want to move away at the moment. He will just have to get a velocity card and start flying up to meet us in Surfers.

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